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how to back up and restore smart watches data

How to back up and restore smart watches data

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4 are among the most advanced smartwatches available, thanks to their smooth and updated version of Wear OS, developed in partnership with Google. One of the unique features of these timepieces is the ability to back up and restore data directly from the watch, making the process of pairing with a new phone much more effortless. Unlike most other Wear OS watches, these watches do not require resetting before pairing with a new phone, preventing loss of settings and customizations. how to back up and restore smart watches data

There may be instances where you need to back up your data and reset your watch, such as when troubleshooting an issue or replacing the device under warranty. The ability to restore the watch in a matter of minutes makes the process less cumbersome. The steps for backing up, restoring, and resetting your Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 or Watch 4 are:

  • Open the wearable app on your Mobile
  • Scroll down and open watch settings
  • now scroll down and open Account and back up
  • Now Select BACK UP data
  • Now select all and click on Back up

You can backup data directly from your smartwatches but you will need a companion phone.

  • Open the settings menu on your watch
  • Click on Account and backup
  • Click on show on the phone
  • Now check your phone and check the data you want to back up

Now you can reset your watch without any fear of losing data after resetting you can restore data and enjoy…

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