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How can I secure my Android phone before repair

How can I secure my Android phone before repair

Hand over your Android mobile phone to a service center for repairs is a hassle, technician might check your personal data even if you give him for quick repair. The tech giant Samsung find a solution for your this insecurities and introduce maintenance mood in Samsung One UI 5.0

Maintenance mode

Things You Should Do Before Handing Your Android Phone For Repairs

This mode create a guest account mode in your device which the technician use this guest account for his testing work.  The maintenance mode protect your privacy by shielding the data on your phone form prying eyes. when you turn on this mode you will not have to format the phone and hand over the technician fearlessly because your data and images are secure and technician can not access your personal data.

Your all data images, files, folder, etc. on your phone fully secured when you turn on maintenance mode. When you turn on the maintenance mode on and hand over the your mobile to the technician , the technician only can access preinstall app and also download and install new app form play store and galaxy app store, sign in to their google account and run their diagnostic tools without facing any issue

Tip : backup your important data before submitting your mobile for repair work

Once you get back your phone form technician and turn off maintenance mode off , all data which is downloaded ar installed by technician will lost and your phone is restored to the same state it was before the mode was enabled

How to enable to maintenance mode on your android mobile

Before handing over your mobile phone to technician for repair , follow these steps

  1. open setting
  2. Scroll down and click on battery and device care
  3. Click on Maintenance mode
  4. and confirm your choice to turn on the mode

How can I secure my Android phone before repair How can I secure my Android phone before repair

5. When you click on turn on a prompt ask your create a system log before enabling the mode, this log will help the technician with additional detail to solve the issues, it wiil not create the log of your personal information

when every thing is done and your issue is solve then simple go back to the same option in device care and turn off the maintenance mode

List of devices which are compatible with maintenance mode 

  • Galaxy Z fold 4
  • Galaxy Z flip 4
  • Galaxy S21 serries
  • Galaxy S22 series
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