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Google Lens soon be able to read your doctors bad handwriting

With all this AI integration, we wonder how they’ll factor in with our futures? AI tools seem more intelligent than ever and are augmenting our lives. Where should we turn for advice and guidance? Who will make decisions for us if we can’t read what is being dictated to us anymore?
Recently, Google has been developing a new artificial intelligence that can read doctor’s handwriting. This is a huge step forward for medical professionals as it will help them read their patients’ records and make sure that there are no errors in the diagnosis.

The problem of bad handwriting when writing prescriptions will soon go away with the introduction of ” Google Lens.” Just a few days ago, a professor noted that Google’s AI integrated into her smartphone made it easy to decipher illegible prescriptions whilst using Google Lens.

How to read doctor handwriting
A Google executive in India details company’s new AI features. Image Credits: Google

AI assistants are used today in many places like grocery stores, but they can also work on improving handwriting recognition.

Google researchers have developed an algorithm that can read and translate doctor’s handwriting. The team of engineers found a way to use deep learning to identify the words written in cursive, which is notoriously difficult for computers to read.

The algorithm uses optical character recognition (OCR) and machine translation to translate the word written in cursive into words in a language that can be understood by machines. The system has been trained on thousands of primary care medical records, which contain both handwritten text and transcribed text.

Google was able to do this by using Google Translate and some machine learning technology. They were able to train the algorithm by using real-life examples of illegible handwriting from doctors all over the world, and now they have a system that can read most of them with an accuracy rate of 98%

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