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fake version of Samsung’s file sending

fake version of Samsung’s file-sending

Through the Good Lock app suite, which has become indispensable for any Samsung phone owner concerned about sophisticated customization, Samsung has a tendency to experiment and try out new things. For One UI 5 smartphones, the company just released a really intriguing module called DropShip. It is an application that enables file sharing between PCs, tablets, and cellphones. Now that a “DropShip” app has been released, you probably shouldn’t download it from the Play Store.

The “ client” package name and the icon of the old Samsung DropShip app are both present in the new DropShip app that has just surfaced on the Play Store. It doesn’t appear to be from Samsung, though. The creator is “Assert Studio,” a dubious app publisher who has also created what appears to be a fake Nothing Ear app for the Nothing Ear 1 earbuds that has received almost no downloads. That story doesn’t add up because Samsung could legitimately occasionally release genuine apps under a different developer name, but it most definitely wouldn’t release a phoney Nothing Ear app.

fake version of Samsung's file-sending

You don’t even get a functional app after downloading it; you only get something that appears to be functional. The splash screen that appears when you first open the app simply reads, “This app needs to be updated!” You receive no additional functionality. Aside with that false Nothing Ear software, the developer also has Victoria 3 (a Paradox Interactive game) and “Assert Studio Testing Tool,” another programme, available. Honestly, we’d rather not find out what these apps are about or whether they are even remotely related to this phoney DropShip app.

Like the other Good Lock modules, the real DropShip is currently only accessible to South Korean users and can only be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Store. Despite Google’s efforts to combat them, the Play Store is rife with fake and shady apps, so this just proves that you should always check the developer an app comes from before downloading it.

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