Welder Jobs in Canada 2024


Welder Jobs in Canada 2024. Welding is a skilled trade that is in high demand in Canada. Welders are needed in a variety of industries, including construction, manufacturing, and shipbuilding. There are many different types of welding jobs available, and the specific qualifications and experience required will vary depending on the job.

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Place of Job:  Saint-Gabriel, Quebec, Canada.

Salary: CAD 32. 00 per hour 

Last Date to apply: 15.02.2024

Job qualifications and experience

To become a welder in Canada, you must typically complete a welding apprenticeship program. These programs are usually two to four years long and include both classroom instruction and on-the-job training. Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you will have to pass a certification exam in order to work as a welder.

Some employers may hire welders who have not completed an apprenticeship program, but these jobs are usually less common and may pay lower wages. If you are interested in becoming a welder without completing an apprenticeship, you will need to have a strong understanding of welding principles and be able to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.

Jobs duties

The duties of a welder will vary depending on the industry they work in. However, some common duties include:

  • Reading blueprints and specifications
  • Cutting and preparing metal
  • Setting up and operating welding equipment
  • Joining metal pieces using various welding techniques
  • Inspecting welds for quality

Perks and privileges

Welders can enjoy a number of perks and privileges, including:

  • Good wages and benefits
  • Job security
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • A sense of accomplishment

How to find a welder job in Canada

There are a number of ways to find a welder job in Canada. You can search online job boards, contact employment agencies, or network with people in the welding industry. You can also apply directly to companies that you are interested in working for.


Welding is a rewarding career that can provide you with a good income and job security. If you are interested in working with your hands and have a strong attention to detail, then welding may be the right career for you.

Additional tips for finding a welder job in Canada

  • Get certified in multiple welding processes.
  • Build a strong resume and portfolio.
  • Network with other welders.
  • Be willing to relocate for work.

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Additional notes:

  • The average salary for a welder in Canada is $73,000 per year.
  • The job outlook for welders is good. The number of welder jobs is expected to grow by 12% over the next decade.
  • Welding is a physically demanding job. Welders must be able to lift heavy objects and work in uncomfortable positions

How to Apply for Welder Jobs in Canada 2024

Send your documents to the following address.

Address: No. 138, CPDC Blidg., Geb. Luna St., Brgy. Ususan, Taguig City , Metro Manila, Philippines

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