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Reinforcing bar (rebar) workers are the backbone of concrete construction in Japan, playing a crucial role in ensuring the strength and stability of buildings, bridges, and other structures. This physically demanding yet rewarding career path offers competitive salaries, unique cultural experiences, and the satisfaction of contributing to iconic infrastructure projects. If you’re looking for a challenging and fulfilling opportunity in Japan, read on to explore the world of rebar construction jobs.

Jobs Detail


Place of Job: Kurashiki Shi, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Salary: JPY 165,000. 00 per month 

Last Date to apply: 29.02.2024

Job Qualifications & Experience:

  • Minimum: High school diploma or equivalent, physical fitness, and a willingness to learn.
  • Preferred: Construction experience, knowledge of blueprints and rebar specifications, certification in rebar tying or welding (optional).
  • Language: Fluent Japanese is essential for communication and safety on the job site.

Job Duties:

  • Cutting, bending, and tying rebar according to blueprints and specifications.
  • Welding rebar cages and structures.
  • Installing rebar in concrete forms.
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment.
  • Following safety protocols and regulations.

Perks & Privileges:

  • Competitive salary: Salaries vary depending on experience and location, but typically range from ¥250,000 to ¥350,000 per month, with overtime opportunities.
  • Benefits: Most companies offer health insurance, social security, and paid holidays.
  • Career advancement: Opportunities for professional development and leadership positions are available in larger companies.
  • Cultural experience: Living and working in Japan provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the language, traditions, and way of life.
  • Sense of accomplishment: Contributing to the construction of vital infrastructure projects brings a sense of satisfaction and pride.

Additional Notes:

  • Work environment: Expect physically demanding work outdoors in various weather conditions.
  • Long hours: Overtime is common in the construction industry, so work-life balance can be challenging.
  • Visa requirements: Obtaining a work visa is essential for foreign workers

How to Apply for Reinforcing Bar Construction Jobs in Japan

Send your documents to the following address.

Address: No 138, CPDC Bldg., Gen. Luna St., Brgy. Ususan, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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